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Why have a Pest Inspection when Purchasing a House?

Purchasing a house is an exciting event but one that can be fraught with problems if you are not prepared or well advised. If the house is not brand new and depending on its age, there is a greater than

Termite Statistics for Queensland and Australia

Queensland A study conducted over the years 1996-8 by the CSIRO showed varying incidence of termite infestations of houses throughout Queensland. The survey looked at all ages of houses. There was a direct correlation between the age of the house

How to Identify Termite Types

First of all. Is it a termite? Although it is an insect, a termite has only two body sections, a head and the main body. There is no constriction between an abdomen and a thorax. Termite antennae are straight and

Termites Which Fly

At certain times of the year, most people have seen the vast numbers of flying termites which seem to appear all at the same time. These are termite ‘Royalty’. Generally there are three main types of termite within a colony.

Subterranean Termites

Termites live in many different environments. Some live inside the wood they are eating, some build nests up in trees while others build nests under the ground. Underground or subterranean termites may be undetectable to casual observation or they may

The Process of Eradicating Termites

A termite colony may consist of many millions of individual termites. At its heart is the queen who is the source of all of the termites in the colony. If individual termites are killed, she can easily replace them, so

Gold Coast Termites

There are over 2000 species of termites in the world. Around 20 of these cause economic damage in Australia. Although there are many species of termites on the Gold Coast the two main species responsible for attacking homes and businesses

Different Termite Species

Termites are not all the same nor do they all live in the same way. There are many different species of termites spread all over Australia occupying many different ecological niches. Termites in Australia are generally categorised into the following

What makes Termidor the Best?

There is no product on the market at the moment which works with the efficacy of Termidor. Some other products may claim to work as well as Termidor but there is a reason why this product has remained the benchmark.

How Safe are Termite Treatments?

A number of chemicals are registered for use in the treatment of termite infestations. When used properly by a registered and licensed operator these treatments can be effective in controlling or eliminating termites. However, some of the chemicals used can